A New Year and Some Changes

  • 14 January 2016

Happy new year to everyone! The blog has taken a little longer to shake off the holidays than the rest of us, but it's back and there is lots to share. Updates on our pre-holiday activities and news about our upcoming programming will follow soon, but first: the new year has brought an exciting development to Crown preschool!

We are very pleased to announce that, as of the start of January, we have moved to a Parent Involvement model. This model gives children and families all the benefits of a Parent Participation Preschool that Crown has offered for nearly 70 years, but with greater flexibility to accommodate the needs of families today. We recognize that the demands on parents' time are greater than ever; with work, extra-curricular activities and the needs of older and younger siblings in the mix it is not always easy or even possible for parents to find the time to spend whole mornings at the preschool. At the same time today's parents are very aware of the value of community, volunteerism and having the opportunity to be closely involved in the early years of their children's growth and education. And, of course, a purposeful, play-based program offers children the best foundation for social, emotional and academic success!

The Parent Involvement model allows us to balance these competing demands. The administration of the preschool is still handled by parents and they continue to be involved day-to-day, we offer access to many fantastic Parent Education speakers, and evening meetings and socials throughout the year provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other.

The big news is that parents no longer need to stay in the classroom on their duty day, removing the challenge of what to do with little siblings or how to juggle work commitments. Of course our door is still open to those who choose to stay in the class, but we hope that this new flexibility will make it easier for families to take part in our wonderful community.

This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Crown Preschool. We look forward to getting feedback from our current families on how they feel this new model is working, and hope that you will all spread the word about us!