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Click here to read an article by parenting expert Kathy Lynn
on the value of parent participation in the early years.


Crown Preschool began in 1948 and has operated from St. Philip’s Church in the Dunbar area since 1965. Crown follows a philosophy that views play as a child’s natural response to life. Through play, children have opportunities to explore, experiment and to learn about themselves and the world around them. The varied nature of play activities assists children’s development in all areas. Play is the work of the child and is one of the most effective kinds of learning known.

At Crown, parents, children and teachers all contribute to and participate in a creative learning environment for growth. We aim to provide quality play, offering a variety of activities and experiences to meet the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of the child and to foster a positive attitude towards school. We will work together to offer your child:

  • Freedom within limits
  • Material with which to create
  • Space in which to grow
  • Love for self-preservation

Read about the value of PLAY BASED LEARNING
from the Council of Ministers of Education in Canada (CMEC).