Parent Participation

DSCF4154Parent Participation Preschools are founded on the principle of learning through play. Current research shows that young children learn best through play-based environments. Play provides essential opportunities for children to explore, experiment and learn about the world around them. Our well crafted programs provide both free play and directed play activities to foster creativity, socialization, critical thinking and problem solving.

Being a parent participation preschool means parents and teachers contribute to and participate in a creative learning environment for growth.


A parent participation preschool provides families the opportunity to be actively involved in their children's education.

Each preschool family agrees to:

  • assist teachers in the preschool as a 'duty parent' approximately 1-2 classes/month.
  • attend a monthly parent education/business meeting.
  • perform a job that benefits the preschool for the school year. ¬†This job is selected to take into account the talents, interests, preferences and other commitments of each family.
  • participate in fundraising activities to support the school.

Each 2s family agrees to:

  • attend preschool each Thursday with child.
  • sign up for duty days approximately 3-4 times/year.